Glass Filled Nylon Injection Moulding

Nylon as a material is very strong and heat resistant – therefore this makes it an ideal material of choice for a wide variety of products and components. The most common form of maufacturing these components is glass filled nylon injection moulding. We provide this exact service and have vast experience in glass filled nylon.

From design to finished product – we can help with all aspects. As you may already know the process of getting a part injection moulded consists of different stages. The first stage is to turn the idea into drawings and a tool for the glass filled injection moulding machine, this is then used to mould the component, when the part is moulded there is quality testing to ensure everything is correct. We take care of every step.

– Many different grades
– Heat resistance
– 20%, 30%, 50%
– Years of expertise

Nylon Material and Uses

If the final needs to be strong, have good heat resistance and tough then Glass Filled Nylon is a good material. There are different grades of Nylon although they do have similar properties and strengths. Popular uses for Nylon include gears and bearings, Glass Filled Nylon is used in power tool casing, such as drills.

20% 30% 50% glass filled nylon moulders.

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