Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

ABS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (C8H8)x· (C4H6)y·(C3H3N)z) is an opaque thermoplastic with a  glass transition temperature -the temperature at which it becomes a liquid- of 105 °C (221 °F). This relatively low temperature and the fact that thermoplastics can be heated to the melting point, cooled, and then heated again without suffering any significant deterioration, make ABS ideal for injection moulding manufacturing with the added advantage that it can easily be recycled.

ABS is made using a process called emulsion using continuous mass polymerization, which involves combining a number of ingredients which do not normally mix together to create a single substance. It is a terpolymer created by combining acrylonitrile (15-35%) and styrene (40-60%) in the presence (5-30%) of polybutadiene. ABS is also an amorphous polymer and does not have the ordered characteristics associated with crystalline solids.

This strong, stiff and inexpensive plastic stands up well to external impacts and so is frequently used for protective packaging. It is also easy to machine and can be painted, coloured, sanded, and glued, making it ideal for housings for power tools or cameras, which require varying textures.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Other benefits include its light weight and the fact that and it is relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, it has a high level of resistance to corrosive chemicals and does not contain any known carcinogens although it is not recommended for medical implants. ABS is commonly used to make computer keyboard keys, pipes, car body parts, protective headwear, musical instruments, heads for golf clubs, and LEGO building bricks.

ABS is a versatile, inexpensive thermoplastic which can be used in a wide variety of applications and has the great advantage that it can be recycled. At Stephens Injection Moulding we frequently use ABS on its own or in combination with other thermoplastics, and our experienced team will be happy to advise you as to whether it is the right choice for your plastic injection moulding project.

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