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If you are looking for plastic injection moulding in the West Midlands, we are conveniently located in Walsall and have the expertise and experience to take on your job. At Stephens plastic injection moulding we can undertake high-quality plastic injection moulding jobs of all shapes, sizes and quantities. So, if you are looking for any kind of plastic injection moulding in Birmingham come by and see us, we are located just 1-mile from Junction 2 of the M5, or call, or email us for more information.

Plastic injection moulding is the name of the process which involves melting down a certain type of plastic into its liquid form.  This liquid is then injected into a mould cavity. These are frequently made of steel, aluminium, glass, or some other suitable material. As the liquid plastic cools down, it regains its solid form in the shape of the mould cavity.

Many different types of plastics can be moulded in this way and the one chosen depends largely on the ultimate use of the finished piece. Some of the materials that can be employed to make these moulding include polyurethane, polycarbonate, polyamide (nylon) and acrylic. At Stephens plastic injection moulding we offer over twenty-eight different thermoplastic materials and our expert team will assist you in choosing the one, or the combination, which best suit your requirements.

plastic injection moulding walsall

The range of products

The range of products made using a plastic injection moulding technique are diverse and virtually endless. Some of the most common everyday items include straws, bottle caps, furniture, cutlery, cases for smartphones and even condoms! As you can see plastic injection moulding is a process which can be used in many different industries and technologies.

Stephens plastic injection moulding

If you need any kind of plastic injection moulding in the Walsall or West Midlands area, or elsewhere nationwide, we, at Stephens plastic injection moulding offer a complete and professional service and we also provide blow moulding, for forming hollow plastic parts by extrusion, injection or injection stretch. We offer a full design service to ensure that the finished product meets perfectly your requirements, and our team of experts can take you through from the idea stage right through to the finished packaged product. This process often involves making various prototypes which can be adjusted and improved as the idea evolves until it reaches perfection, and our young and vibrant team will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with every part of the process, and to make sure that you obtain the right product to match both your budget and your requirements.

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Plastic injection moulding

Here at Stephens plastic injection moulding, Birmingham, we use the very latest, state of the art equipment to ensure an extremely high standard and uniformity of the product, and our injection moulding machines have clamp forces ranging from 25 to 350-tonne. We offer both Steel and Aluminium tooling to suit your requirements and frequently special tools will need to be constructed to mould the design. Aluminium tooling is frequently chosen for smaller production projects due to the lower cost and faster set-up time. For larger quantities, our team may advise you to choose steel tooling which, although being costlier and requiring longer to produce may be preferable due to its longer working life.

At Stephens plastic injection moulding, Walsall, the most important thing of all to us is our outstanding customer service, which means that getting you exactly what you need, when you need it, will be our top priority. Over the twelve years that we have been in the plastic injection moulding business in the West Midlands we have built up a loyal and satisfied family of customers who value or professional services. In 2011, we proudly became IS9001 accredited, so you can be sure that at Stephens plastic injection moulding Walsall, we meet and continually endeavour to improve the internationally recognised levels of facilities and equipment, training and service, and most important to us, people.

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Choose an experienced, tech advanced, and confidant service to manufacture your components and products for you. It takes an artist to make true art, and Stephenson Plastic Moulding is an artist of injection mouldings.