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If you run a business opportunity is always present. Software and computers and “soft skills” have taken over a lot of the big money in the world economy. One thing that hasn’t changed much is the need for manufacturing.Even if the way it’s done has changed, the need for high-quality manufactured goods is still high.

Think about it like this: How much plastic do you see in the world?
How many plastic bottle caps have you seen in your lifetime?

If you live in the United Kingdom or another Western country than the answer probably falls into the “you’ve seen a lot of plastic” category. Plastic is a common and very useful way to make things. Plastic is durable, resilient, usually easy to clean, and cheap to make a lot of copies.But do you know how those plastic components on things like your computer are made?

plastic injection moulding walsall

The Process of Plastic Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is the process certain plastic is melted down into a liquid form and injected into a mould cavity (usually steel, glass, etc.) where the liquid plastic is allowed to cool and reform into a solid, taking the shape of the mould cavity in the process.

Uses of Plastic Injection Moulding

As talked about in the opening paragraphs, plastic injection moulding makes up a TON of materials and components in the world. Some materials used to make these mouldings include some materials like acrylic, nylon (polyamide), polycarbonate, and polyurethane.

Everyday items like plastic cutlery, smartphone cases, furniture, and even condoms are made from plastic injection moulding. Small components like bottle caps and straws are made by this method too. As you can probably tell, lots of different industries use and benefit from high-quality injection moulding services.

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New Standard for Plastic Injection Moulding

Not all companies work equally as hard to deliver services that keep clients coming back. When looking at an injection moulding manufacturer, you want to look for a company that does a full design service, has state of the art equipment, and an excellent customer service attitude that helps you create your perfect product.

A great company that goes above and beyond these requirements is Stephenson Plastic Mouldings.

Stephenson offers top services in a field that is tough to make a great reputation in. In fact, Stephenson blows the competition out of the water for a few reasons:

  • They work with you from beginning to end, helping shape the design as your idea evolves
  • Frequent making of prototypes
  • Aluminium and Steel tooling are both available to meet any demand you might have
  • Wide range of available materials to create your mouldings with
  • In the injection moulding business for over 12 years

Stephenson Plastic Moulding is a Great Choice to Manufacture Your Plastic Mouldings

Choose an experienced, tech advanced, and confidant service to manufacture your components and products for you. It takes an artist to make true art, and Stephenson Plastic Moulding is an artist of injection mouldings.