Makrolon Injection Moulding

Makrolon is a high quality polycarbonate material and we provide Makrolon injection moulding as well as supplying and distributing the material in stock form. It is a brand name of Bayer’s but is well known and used throughout the industry when people are referring to the thermoplastic material. Grades include 3103 and 3107.

The main characteristics of Makrolon are that it is very strong, particularly its high impact strength – along with it having dimensional stability, low temperature strength, and being transparent.

Makrolon 3103 3107 Injection Moulding is used as the manufacturing process for a wide range of applications, including medical, automotive and construction. End uses cover a wide spectrum of products from packaging to car parts

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– Hard wearing
– Impact strength
– Worldwide distribution
– Moulders and material suppliers

Stephens Injection Moulding cover the whole process of plastic moulding – from the initial design stage through to tooling and packing the final component. We have vast experience in all aspects of Makrolon Injection Moulding and are confident we can provide the service and quality that you expect. We welcome all enquiries and questions so feel free to contact us to discuss you needs.

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